Overcooked COVID 19 Edition: Pop Rocks Throwback

(source: pop-rocks.com)

Remember Pop Rocks — those awesome little bags of candies that explode on your tongue? Ever wonder why they pop like that? Is the lethal combination of Pop Rocks and Coke a dire truth or merely an urban legend?

As the shelter in place proceeds, we all feel a little bit explosive inside. Let’s take a look at the science behind Pop Rocks.

Disclaimer: No Einstein was harmed in this photo

The ingredients in Pop Rocks are no different from regular candies. They are made of sugar, flavorings, and food dyes. A solution of the ingredients are boiled to remove water. Then, the dried sugar is melted at high temperature.

The secret to Pop Rocks is the way they are cooled. The melted sugar is mixed with carbon dioxide gas and is cooled under pressurized carbon dioxide. In this process, tiny bubbles form and get trapped in the sugar as it solidifies. These bubbles are stable in room temperature storage .

When Pop Rocks come in contact with the moisture in our mouth, sugar is dissolved away and tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide burst. This gives you a “popping” feeling on your tongue!

The legend has it that if you eat Pop Rocks and drink soda at the same time, your stomach will explode. However, this has been proven false by YouTube “experts”. Sadly, the combination of the two simply does not generate enough gas to burst your stomach.

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